Sitemap - 2021 - This Week in LiveOps

Ep. 62: UX Game Design Tips for Maximum Player Satisfaction

Ep. 61: The Evolution of Game Operations

Ep. 60: Blockchain gaming and play-to-earn game economies

Ep. 59: Understanding Your Players

Ep. 58: When to pivot your game's approach

Ep. 57: User acquisition at every step of the game creation process

Ep. 56: Solving Problems In Your Game

Ep. 55: LiveOps & LiveOps Technology/Services

Ep. 54: Game Economy Design and Limited Currency

Ep. 53: The Fundamentals of Monetization Part 2

Ep 52: The Fundamentals of Monetization Part 1

Ep 51: Using UX To Deliver On What Players Want

Special Edition: Starting a mobile game studio

Ep. 50: Battle Passes & In-App Purchasing

Ep 49: Integrating and Utilizing Social Features In Mobile Gaming

Ep 48: LiveOps Events In Hyper-Casual Games

Ep 47: Secrets to creating successful games.

Ep 46: Changing your game after launch

Ep 45: Player feedback and the best ways to communicate with your players

How to use psychology to better understand your audience.

The importance of testing your game's concept ASAP.

Constructing a monetization plan

Ep 41: Starting a gaming studio from scratch.

A/B testing in the video game industry.

Different game development strategies

The intricacies of game level design

Navigating game art and business

How to create strong enough meaningful narrative connections in your game

All you need to know about LiveOps tools

Being a game designer

Embracing an audience first approach

Ep 32: Game innovations and their new game Plantopia

Alex Clark, the Game Designer at Nitro Games, on mobile shooters.

Benjamin Charbit, Co-Founder of DareWise, on creating unique game experiences

Jason Schklar Founder UX is Fine! on UX and player experience

Michal Tomcany, Chief Gameplay Scientist at Studio Slovack, on hyper-casual game design!

Riley Anderson, CEO of Umami Games, on hyper casual games

Francisco Andrada, World Game Economy Designer Lead at Gameloft on his take on game economy

Kaitlyn Kincaid, Lead Economic and Monetization Designer, on Game Economy Design

Adam Zelenay, Live Ops Manager at ZeptoLab on LiveOps strategy

Ep 23: Common mistakes within ad monetization strategies

Patrik Wilkens & Chris Balazs on Gaming Product Teams

Oscar Clark, Chief Strategy Officer at Fundamentally Games, on the core principles of LiveOps.

Harshal Karvande, Game Design Lead at Rovio, on a designer’s POV on LiveOps.

Rachel Ansell, Senior Producer & Product Owner at PerBlue, on the roles and responsibilities of a producer

Sophie Vo, Studio & Game Lead at Voodoo, on hiring practices and company culture

Renee Gittins, Executive Director of the IGDA, on advocating for game developers.

Isaac Phoenix, narrative designer, on fundamentals to create a good storyline

Dave Rohrl, the Mobile Game Doctor, on making games better!