Sitemap - 2022 - This Week in LiveOps

Special Edition: Starting your own game studio

Ep. 107: New Games

Ep. 106: Advertisement, Marketing & User Acquisition

Special Edition: The Ultimate Game Economy Discussion

Ep. 105: The Origins & Future of Muuula Games

Ep. 104: Innovation & Iteration

Ep. 103: Maintaining Your Game Economy

Ep. 102: Live Operations and Feature Development

Ep. 101: A Roadmap To Optimal Ad Placement

Ep. 100: Mastering Retention

Ep. 99: Starting From Scratch & Getting Acquired

Ep. 98: Games as a Service

Ep. 97: The Future of Blockchain Gaming

Ep. 96: Lunchtime ESports

Ep. 95: Designing Games For Younger Audiences

Ep. 94: Casino Games Live Ops & Monetization

Ep. 93: Establishing and Maintaining Good Relationships with Users.

Ep. 92: Creating & Sustaining A Great User Experience

Ep. 91: Building Your Co-Founding Team

Ep. 90: The Balancing Act of Product Management

Ep. 89: The Benefits of Agile and Lean Production Methodologies.

Ep. 88: Increasing The Longevity of Your Game

Ep. 87: Starting Your Own Game Studio

Ep. 86: Prioritizing & Optimizing Your UA Spending.

Ep. 85: Growing Your Game Through Streaming

Ep. 84: Player Segmentation Yields Stronger Monetization.

Ep. 83: Reasons To Play & Reasons To Pay

Ep. 82: Web Gaming In A Mobile World

Ep. 81: Attracting Users With Quality Game Design

Ep. 80: Defining Product Management

Ep 79: Tips For Financial Success

Ep. 78: Entrepreneurship & Instant Gaming

Ep. 77: Finding & Hiring The Right People

Ep. 76: Quest Design and Mobile Gaming

Ep. 75: Strategies for Successful Studios

Ep. 74: Unlock the Secrets of Hyper-Casual Games

Ep. 73: Scaling Your Game With Creatives

Ep. 72: Future-Proofing Game Economies

Ep. 71: Acquiring Users By Building Stronger Brand Awareness

Ep. 70: Blockchain Integration

Ep. 69: Best Practices For Ad Monetization

Ep. 68: Building A Company & Maintaining A Good Work-Life Balance

Ep. 67: Real Money Gaming

Ep. 66: How To Create New Features In Your Game

Ep. 65: Tips For Creating A New Game

Ep. 64: The Value of Data Scientists In Your Mobile Game

Ep. 63: Creating Long Lasting and Meaningful In-Game Communities