This Week in LiveOps
This Week in LiveOps
Ep. 104: Innovation & Iteration

Ep. 104: Innovation & Iteration

You do not have to reinvent the wheel in order to create a beloved and successful game. Sometimes tweaking an existing formula or feature can be enough to make your game stand out. This week on Mastering Retention, Tom speaks with Patrick McGrath (Founder at Stealth Mode) about innovating within a genre, making slight changes to your game, launching a game from scratch, and so much more!

Here are your cheat codes:

0:45 How did Patrick McGrath get into the video game industry?

8:09 Launching a new product from scratch.

10:28 How to figure out what to build.

16:55 Player immersion.

29:02 Innovating within an existing genre.

34:24 Iterating within an existing game.

40:21 Solving issue within your game with research.

44:28 Userwise

53:45 How to keep more players around longer.