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This Week in LiveOps
Ep. 107: New Games

Ep. 107: New Games

On this week's episode of Mastering Retention, Tom is joined by Jesse Kroon (Game Designer at Product Madness) and Stanislav Minasov (VP of Product at AppMagic) to talk about the process of creating a new game. The guys have a detailed discussion about where to look for inspiration, how to flesh out a game concept, what all goes into making certain decisions about your game, intellectual property, and so much more!

Here are your cheat codes:

0:46 How did Jesse Kroon and Stanislav Minasov get into the video game industry?

4:12 How to conceptualize a new game idea.

10:17 Deciding which genre your game should be.

14:44 What you gain from talking to existing players.

19:01 Repurposing an existing game concept.

24:35 Finding inspiration in other types of games.

32:45 Intellectual Property.

44:21 How to keep more players around longer.