This Week in LiveOps
This Week in LiveOps
Ep. 105: The Origins & Future of Muuula Games

Ep. 105: The Origins & Future of Muuula Games

This week on Mastering Retention, Tom speaks with Erez Baron (CEO & Co-Founder at Muuula Games) in detail about all that went into launching Muuula Games. The guys also discuss segmented pricing within your game, dive deep into the world of Brain Games, and so much more.

Here are your cheat codes:

0:40 How Erez Baron got into the video game industry.

4:45 Segmented Pricing.

18:28 The origins and future of Muuula Games

21:01 Brain Games

31:28 The process of starting a game studio.

34:30 What to look for in a Co-Founder.

42:01 Differentiating Product and Dev.

46:36 Building a great team.

51:26 How to keep more players around longer.