This Week in LiveOps
This Week in LiveOps
Ep. 106: Advertisement, Marketing & User Acquisition

Ep. 106: Advertisement, Marketing & User Acquisition

Creating a game is only half the battle - getting others to download and share your game is vital to the long term success of your game and/or studio. Acquiring users through marketing campaigns and engaging advertisements is no simple task. This week on Mastering Retention, Tom speaks with Janos Perei (Head of Growth at Voodoo) about many different forms of advertisements and marketing campaigns, their complexity, the importance of making marketing the foundation of your studio, and how UA should work hand-in-hand with LiveOps.

Here are your cheat codes:

0:42 How did Janos Perei get into the video game industry?

2:25 How to think about ad performance.

7:32 Ad efficiency.

9:54 Integrated UA Funnel.

12:38 Gameplay ads.

16:04 Misleading ads.

19:30 How not to waste ad impressions.

25:43 Multi-touch attribution.

27:54 UA and Marketing should be your foundation.

31:58 Failing to engage users.

33:47 How to get users to recommend your game to a friend.

39:30 How to keep more players around longer.