This Week in LiveOps
This Week in LiveOps
Ep. 108: Effective Tools for Gaming Success

Ep. 108: Effective Tools for Gaming Success

On this week's episode of Mastering Retention, Tom is joined by Bakyt Aidaralieva (Head of Player Experience at Rovio) to discuss the many different types of tools and platforms used in the gaming industry, which tools are better than others, the importance of player feedback, and so much more!

Here are your cheat codes:

0:59 How did Bakyt Aidaralieva get into the video game industry?

8:29 What tools and platforms are needed to run a game as a service?

12:23 Lessons learned from seeking player feedback.

16:03 Discord can be a useful tool.

19:55 CRM’s in the gaming world & effective CRM tools.

24:33 Player and customer support.

26:52 The importance of player feedback & Identifying helpful player feedback.

32:35 Server back end tools.

35:05 LiveOps tools.

41:21 Analytics tools.

43:28 Best way to segment players.

46:06 How to keep more players around longer.