This Week in LiveOps
This Week in LiveOps
Alex R. from on gaming history!

Alex R. from on gaming history!

On today's episode of Mastering Retention, we get a gaming history lesson from Alex Ronald from! Alex has been in the gaming industry for a long time and is very knowledgeable about how human behavior has been impacted by the gaming industry and vice-versa. 

Some of the topics touched on today's episode:

  • How he got into gaming 

  • His experience in China and building his own company there 

  • His experience at Twitch and how he helped them with communication 

  • Interesting facts and information about his company called Clanet  

  • The nonprofit he has been working on to create a record of what has happened to our generation in cyberspace 

  • Tip for community managers that are looking to influence their audiences’ behavior  

Connect with Alex: Alex@clanet.io